Adding A Due Date To A Card

Due Dates allow you to set the start and end date of a task. These can be used to prevent deadlines from being missed, to set due dates for Project members, or just to get your attention when you need something done. You can add a Due Date to a Card or an individual Checklist item. You can also set when you want to be reminded of this Due Date in advance by adding a Reminder.

To add a Due Date:

  • Click on the Calendar icon on the icon menu on the right-hand side of the Card.
  • Select the date and time required for the beginning and end of the task. You can also choose when to receive your Reminder Notification in Buckets. The Reminder will automatically assign itself to your Card.
  • To add a Reminder to a specific Checklist item, use the drag-drop feature to move it down to that item. You can also add a Reminder to a Checklist item by clicking on the clock icon that appears when you hover over that item.



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