Have You Noticed Our New Look?

If you've logged into Buckets today, you've probably noticed something different about the view! That's because we've updated the Notifications Shelf and the Project Shelf.

Notifications are now the primary source of data in that shelf. But don't worry, your activity updates haven't disappeared, you can still access these by clicking on "Global Activity" in the shelf ellipsis. You can also now reply to your Notifications directly in the shelf (previously, this could only be done via your feed).

To help you to manage all of your Notifications, we've added a new 'lock' feature which allows you to lock any Notifications you need to come back to later. Clicking on the 'lock' icon beside a Notification, prevents it from being cleared if/when you “Clear All Notifications”.


The Project Shelf has also been reworked to focus on a more minimal view. This was one of our most requested feature/changes as it really opens up the available canvas more of the time. You can still access the expanded view just by clicking on the top hamburger icon and this view will allow you to re-order Projects and/or make them visible/invisible.




We'd love to hear any feedback you have about the new changes to Buckets. Get in touch on Twitter at @Bucketsdotco or send us a message here in Support and we'll get right back to you!


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