Where are my archived Cards and Projects?

Projects can be archived and removed from your active view to help remove clutter, but your Projects are not lost or deleted after being sent to the Archive. They can still be viewed or even restored to active use.

To locate your archived Cards:

  • Open the drop-down menu in any Project view.
  • Click View Archive to view all of your archived Cards within that Project.


To restore your Card from the Archive:

  • Enter the Archive view.
  • Go into the Card you wish to reopen and click on in Archive to view a list of your current Projects and Columns.
  • Move the Card into a live Project.
  • Your Card will now reappear in the Project it's been assigned to.


To locate and reopen your archived Projects:

  • Use the Search field at the top and enter in the Project name or a keyword associated to the title.
  • Open Project > Project Options > Settings 
  • Click Re-open Project.


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