How To Set Up And Manage Project Permissions

There are now a number of options available for sharing the content within your Buckets Projects. To access your Project Permissions settings, click on this icon beside Project Options at the top right-hand of your Buckets screen.

You will then be presented with the 4 types of permissions available:

Private - Only Project Members can view, comment, edit, and admin

Only those listed as members of the Project can view, comment, or make adjustments to work within the Project.

Public Editor - Anyone can view, comment, and edit

This makes your Project completely open to the public so that anyone can make adjustments via the access URL.

Public Commenter - Anyone can view and comment

This setting allows you to maintain control over your Project but still share it openly and allow for input via comments.

Public Viewer - Anyone can view

Anyone with the URL can view the Project but cannot make any edits or comments.


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